December 8, 2008

My Thanksgiving Day thoughts

Assuming that there is a God who, as most believers say, is all-powerful and is creator of all things: If I would thank God that I have good health, I would also have to rebuke him for inflicting cancer and so many other dreadful diseases on millions of people. If I would thank him that I was only slightly harmed by hurricane Ike, I would also have to accuse him of cruelty in causing so many lives to be devastated by Ike and other hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. If I would thank him for the food that I have always had in abundance, I would also have to tell him that I am aware that over 20 years ago he caused a massive drought in Ethiopia which was a direct cause of a million people starving to death. So I do not give thanks to God for the good things in my life, or for anything. It makes no sense to me. This is part of my big problem which I write about in my first blog entry; see below.

P.S.  I have found an interesting website that is relevant to this.  I invite you to check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the great question of why there is suffering in the world. At first glance, God seems cruel for creating a world with suffering, but when I really look at it, God is not evil in doing this.

Imagine a world with no peril. There would be no heroes. Imagine a world without fear. There would be no courage. Imagine a world without frustration, poverty, or the ability to make mistakes. There would be no patience, no generosity/compassion, and no wisdom. It happens that when trouble strikes, humanity is given an opportunity to exhibit its best traits.

Have you ever heard someone say, " The best, deepest lessons of my life happened when I was comfortable"? I'll bet not, and I'll wager that most people will tell you that the biggest lessons in life and the most important steps to maturity come through some sort of struggle/suffering. I, for one, had a rough childhood and that made me who I am today. My dad says I'm one of the most genuinely kind persons he knows and I thank God that I went through hell for about 10 years of my life. That's over 50% of my time here so far and I thank God for that pain because it built a skyscrraper of character that can't fall down or be stolen.

Just like when you start an exercise regiment it is uncomfortable, so it is with other kinds of suffering. It is a necessary part of human growth and if it were to be eliminated, the world would be a terrible place with a people that posess no character and no wisdom. God created suffering and regularly puts it in our lives for our own good. I would not have it any other way.

As for people that die "early", what makes you think they die early? Everyone has their time. There are only a few things I can promise with absolute certainty and death is one of them. All people die, so does it really matter when? Some people are relieved from earthly pain by their death. It is only recently that life expectancy is so high and even then being an old fart in a nursing home is not a whole lot better that death. It might just be worse! I sure as hell don't want to get so old I can't walk. So do not blame God for taking people before "their time". It would be arrogant to think that humans know when they ought to die. Rather, thank God for your own life every day. If a friend dies of cancer, thank God for giving you that friend in the first place and for the many great years that God gave this person.

God is not cruel. Rather, humans are fools for comlaining that our spiritual workout has a burn to it.