December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

My true friends the Rinnans invited me over for dinner. (I brought a fruit salad.) Following my brother's death in March 2007, I had asked Linda and Kelly Rinnan to promise to care for me when I would be unable to care for myself. They kindly agreed. I had math-tutored their two sons and had taught their daughter in the classroom when they were in high school. Bob (foreground) is now a college senior in business computer tech. Behind him is his older brother Paul, a law student. Both are excellent students and fine young adults. Their sister is a medical supplies expert, married and living in Colorado. Linda (sitting there) is a great middle school teacher. Kelly, who is taking the picture, is an expert airline pilot. Linda and Kelly have every reason to be extremely proud of their sons and daughter. I am wearing the beautiful Indonesian shirt that my Indonesian chess teacher, Chien Ming, and his wife gave me for my birthday in 2007. It is called a batik shirt--see Wikipedia for more information. After dinner we watched a video of Bob playing his saxophone when a high school senior, and I played them some music from my Ipod. Later that day Kelly, Bob, Chien, and I chatted on Skype. The Rinnans are such a nice family. See more about Chien below.

December 8, 2008

My Thanksgiving Day thoughts

Assuming that there is a God who, as most believers say, is all-powerful and is creator of all things: If I would thank God that I have good health, I would also have to rebuke him for inflicting cancer and so many other dreadful diseases on millions of people. If I would thank him that I was only slightly harmed by hurricane Ike, I would also have to accuse him of cruelty in causing so many lives to be devastated by Ike and other hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. If I would thank him for the food that I have always had in abundance, I would also have to tell him that I am aware that over 20 years ago he caused a massive drought in Ethiopia which was a direct cause of a million people starving to death. So I do not give thanks to God for the good things in my life, or for anything. It makes no sense to me. This is part of my big problem which I write about in my first blog entry; see below.

P.S.  I have found an interesting website that is relevant to this.  I invite you to check it out: