December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 at Rinnans'

This family mean so much to me. Kelly, the father and airline pilot; Linda, the mother and middle-school reading teacher; in between, their three kids, all of whom were high school math students of mine, now great young adults--Robert, Paul, Lindsay. Robert just graduated cum laude in business and computer tech from U. of Texas and will start his new job shortly. Paul has one more semester in law school. Lindsay is a medical supplies expert, married and living in Colorado. You can scroll down and see a post from Thanksgiving 2008.

July 3, 2009

I talk about religion.

I invite you to scroll down and visit my 'big problem' post and my 'Thanksgiving Day thoughts' post, and then play any one or more of these short video clips. (In case for any reason you are unable to play them here, you can find them at YouTube, search Edward Tarte.)

Catholic Church--Eucharist; God of Bible--big dilemma
In loving memory of my mother (in hell?); Was Jesus a good teacher?
Concerning hell; Abraham and Isaac
God wants many people killed; Slavery in Bible
What Jesus could have done; Jesus and prayer; Bible and women
Prayers of gratitude; Bible--Word of God
Haitian Earthquake--God of Bible
Hidden God
Original Sin and Redemption by Jesus
Life and Death

May 24, 2009

I play my piano for you:)

If for any reason you cannot access these videos here, you can find them at You Tube: search edward tarte.

If I Loved You; Songs From My Childhood
Stars and Stripes Forever
Some Enchanted Evening; Memory from 'Cats'
Armed Forces Medley
Bali Ha'i; Medley from 'Oklahoma'
76 Trombones & that's not all:)
Danny Boy; Brahms' Lullaby
Annie Laurie
A Personal Medley of School Songs
'Annie Get Your Gun' Medley
Medley from 'Oliver'
'Sound of Music' Medley; Star Spangled Banner & America the Beautiful
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Stephen Foster Medley; 6 College Songs
A melody that Brahms loved and I love
Irving Berlin Medley; Songs of Scotland

April 30, 2009

Deaf-blind Child

I recently learned that an ex-student of mine, now married, has a deaf-blind child, Lauren. This new knowledge stirred strong thoughts and emotions within me. It is part of my 'Big Problem'; please read the first posting on this blog, below.

Please visit Lauren's website: http// Watch the short video.

Also, please visit and explore http// One of the many relevant sections is: Why do bad things happen to good people? (Table of Contents: Chapter 8)

Thank you.

April 18, 2009

Update to 'Cancer didn't stop him' (see below)

I asked Matt's father how Matt is doing. Here are excerpts from his reply:  Matt had his last chemotherapy three years ago.  He has remained in remission.  In two more years he will return to the normal risk pool for cancer.  He is a junior at nursing school.  He will graduate with a B. A. in nursing in May 2010.  He is engaged to the only girlfriend he has ever had, whom he met in 8th grade orchestra. They plan to wed December 2010.  Here is a photo of Matt last weekend, home for Easter, celebrating his 21st birthday.  Not quite the bald, pale, gaunt, red-rimmed eye fellow you knew three years ago, is he?  Mr. Tarte, you played a large part in Matt's emergence as a student.  Your caring, one-on-one teaching when he was so ill made a big difference in Matt's life.   You and Mr. Wunderlich taught him that school is a good thing.