April 18, 2009

Update to 'Cancer didn't stop him' (see below)

I asked Matt's father how Matt is doing. Here are excerpts from his reply:  Matt had his last chemotherapy three years ago.  He has remained in remission.  In two more years he will return to the normal risk pool for cancer.  He is a junior at nursing school.  He will graduate with a B. A. in nursing in May 2010.  He is engaged to the only girlfriend he has ever had, whom he met in 8th grade orchestra. They plan to wed December 2010.  Here is a photo of Matt last weekend, home for Easter, celebrating his 21st birthday.  Not quite the bald, pale, gaunt, red-rimmed eye fellow you knew three years ago, is he?  Mr. Tarte, you played a large part in Matt's emergence as a student.  Your caring, one-on-one teaching when he was so ill made a big difference in Matt's life.   You and Mr. Wunderlich taught him that school is a good thing.

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