July 3, 2009

I talk about religion.

I invite you to scroll down and visit my 'big problem' post and my 'Thanksgiving Day thoughts' post, and then play any one or more of these short video clips. (In case for any reason you are unable to play them here, you can find them at YouTube, search Edward Tarte.)

Catholic Church--Eucharist; God of Bible--big dilemma
In loving memory of my mother (in hell?); Was Jesus a good teacher?
Concerning hell; Abraham and Isaac
God wants many people killed; Slavery in Bible
What Jesus could have done; Jesus and prayer; Bible and women
Prayers of gratitude; Bible--Word of God
Haitian Earthquake--God of Bible
Hidden God
Original Sin and Redemption by Jesus
Life and Death


Xpi said...

Ed, I have spent more time on your Blog site than I normally do on any site. I am a Catholic. I was in the seminary. I taught school for only three years. I have same sex attraction. So, you might understand how interesting I find all that you have to say. Many questions arise, of course. One of those questions is "Why is there anything rather than nothing?" Anyway, you know how you meet someone and you just LIKE them? Well, I like you.

Xpi said...

Ed, you can reach me at rclark20770@yahoo.com if you want to say hello and start a chat.

Anonymous said...

I only watched the one video about the Eucharist, not because I was pissed after watching it but because I was most interested in it. I perused your blog a little bit, and I totally get where you are coming from.

I am a Catholic convert, and so unlike a lot of 'cradle Catholics' I have done a lot of studying of Catholic doctrine and am convinced of its accuracy.

I gathered that it is the suffering that we experience that is not induced by humanity that gradually caused you to lose faith in the teachings of Catholicism. Likely, you are not the first to question God's goodness and love in that. But I point to the book of Job. We only see the universe on a small scale, oblivious to the many layers that coexist that we can not see. Like Job, many innocent people suffer. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love us. Suffering begets endurance which begets character which begets hope (Romans 5). I doubt that God takes joy in our sufferings, but rather allows us to suffer in order to build up character and cultivate hope in our souls.

We also must realize that natural disasters are often necessary for the ecosystem. While we are the favorite creation of God, we are not alone. God takes care of all of his creatures and things like floods and hurricanes often renew the environment for other creatures to live. Yes, we suffer, but so did Christ. And so we offer up our sufferings in union with Christ and we place our hope in his promises.

Obviously I don't expect you to change your mind, but suffering is not proof that God does not love us.

mark.w.gilbert said...

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Jeff said...

I'm a young teacher near Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm sure the culture in Texas and Oklahoma are similar enough that you felt the same kind of shame, confusion, and resistance from others about coming to the conclusion that religions are false. Your blog gives comfort to those who are still struggling with coming to the realization that they are atheists. Thank you.

Edward Tarte said...

Jeff, thank you so much for your comment. Best wishes. Edward Tarte

Mandangalo18 said...

Xpi, I might suggest that we don't know why there is something other than nothing. There's nothing wrong with not knowing, it encourages investigation and is intellectually honest. For a rationalist, it's unwarranted to say: "I don't know ergo God." The only rational position to take is "unknown" until there is evidence to examine.

Bob said...

Ed, I just came across your YouTube video today. I hope this site is still active. The last comments were 7 years ago.

Anyway, I just want to commend you on your courage. I understand how hard it is to overcome societal pressures and be true to yourself. You are a true hero, setting examples for others who face your previous dilemma. Good luck.