February 11, 2010

Day One of my cancer treatment; Day 85; Day 176; Day 274

These are short videos that I made February 11, 2010, May 6, 2010, and August 5, 2010, at the cancer center. If for any reason you cannot access them here, you can find them at You Tube: search edward tarte. My November 11, 2010 (Day 274) report continued the string of good reports. I am not posting that short video here, but you can find it at YouTube.


iloveac said...

Hi Ed,
Just watched your video. I found you while searching Jane Via of Roman Catholic Women Priests. I am a 'cradle catholic' and find myself searching....not sure for what. I no longer go to Church, but will always consider myself Catholic. I've taken a course in JustFaith which I believe is the real mission of the Church...or it should be. JustFaith can be found at http://justfaith.org

I wanted to write to you to encourage and praise you. I am a retired RN who also has had cancer. After radiation there is no apparent evidence of my breast cancer.

Participating in a clinical trial is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your fellow man. I did not have that opportunity and am not sure I would have participated, if it was offered to me. I hope I would.
I will keep you in my thoughts and yes even my prayers that you have a successful outcome and any side effects you might encounter will be minimal.
Stay positive..schedule some time each day to do the things that give you joy.
All the best,

lakeytom said...

Hello Mr. Tarte. I am a former student of yours. I graduated in 2006 and I had you as a teacher in 2005. I'm currently studying to take the GRE and I was reminded of you while studying the math sections.

I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope that your treatment goes well and on behalf of all mankind I thank you for participating in a clinical trial. Hopefully it will help you and many others!

I am currently applying to grad schools to study music composition. I will graduate in May with a B.M. in music composition. I'm not so sure you would enjoy the type of music that I write but I hope you would be glad to know that I've pursued something I love very much.

I hope that you're enjoying your retirement! I'd love to hear back from you if you get a moment. :)

Simona said...

Hello Edward!
I just wanted to encourage you on this journey that you are about to begin. I commend you for your courage and positive attitude!
Keep your head up, and keep posting videos, I love them!

robert said...

Glad to hear the good news from 3 weeks ago. Hope the news continues positive with the August check-up!

Be well,

iloveac said...

Hi Ed,
I have been checking for an update and tonight I was so pleased to hear your report.
This is great news and yes, a celebration is in order. I just listened to you play 'Prayer of Thanksgiving'....which I believe is a must for this great news.
Keep us posted. Your positive outlook in an inspiration for all of us.

steeplejackinblack said...

Fantastic positive news Edward I could see your smile growing ever bigger on each video. My 9year old niece was diagnosed with leukaemia four years ago. She endured more than many of us will in our whole lives but she has bounced back we are so proud of her and the fantastic medical team which humbled me with their professionalism and skills.I hope your forthcoming visit to hospital will broaden your smile even more! All the very best from Scotland